Home of many things Chiefarmorer/Joshua Glantz Related

The has been many things. It started as a Warhammer Fantasy Battles (TM to GW) site. It hosted a forum and many tactical articles for Lizardmen, some mathhammer, etc. It became the home of my resin cast terrain business. We had cool products (shoutout to my ex-partner Dan Stevens) that were really ahead of the curve on quality for resin at the time. That time was around 2000 to 2001. A few hip replacements had me shutting down business for awhile. I went on to make extra cash from fixing computers or building web sites (I know, you wouldn’t know it from this ramshackle construction). Eventually work was busy so it all went on hold. I use the site to host other pages. Throughout the years it has hosted sites for friends, family, charitable groups, etc.

Below are links to the two public pages it currently hosts.

legacy banner from the old website
The old logo from the business. It’s actually the ribbon piece cast in resin and painted that we used on the trophies we sold for Rogue Trader Tournaments.

Hosted Web Pages: